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Hand Drawn Tree. Host a garden party in your own kitchen or dining room with our Hand Drawn Tree decal.  Select your favorite colors to complement your home's color scheme. Hand Drawn Tree frame top right Hand Drawn Tree frame right Hand Drawn Tree frame bottom left Hand Drawn Tree frame bottom Hand Drawn Tree frame bottom right
56in. x 30in. 
Long Branch. Perfect for the corner of any room, this decal isn't just great for making that big empty spot on your wall exciting, it is also great for hanging picture frames from! Long Branch frame top right Long Branch frame right Long Branch frame bottom left Long Branch frame bottom Long Branch frame bottom right
83in. x 92in. 
Stand Alone Tree. Let this tree stand out on your walls by itself, or use the empty branches to fill with birds, flowers, or any number of things. This tree is perfect for the creative flow, so let it grow! Stand Alone Tree frame top right Stand Alone Tree frame right Stand Alone Tree frame bottom left Stand Alone Tree frame bottom Stand Alone Tree frame bottom right
50in. x 24in. 
Leaves and Acorns. The leaves and acorns decal would be a perfect touch for any living room, kitchen, or sun room. If you're a nature nut, then you'll love this simple silhouette! Leaves and Acorns frame top right Leaves and Acorns frame right Leaves and Acorns frame bottom left Leaves and Acorns frame bottom Leaves and Acorns frame bottom right
18in. x 18in. 
Oh My Polka Dots Tree. This great tree carries on its modern style featuring polka dots instead of traditional leaves or flowers. The unconventional shape and burst of color is what makes this Oh My Polka Dot Tree. Oh My Polka Dots Tree frame top right Oh My Polka Dots Tree frame right Oh My Polka Dots Tree frame bottom left Oh My Polka Dots Tree frame bottom Oh My Polka Dots Tree frame bottom right
60in. x 54in. 
Red Maple. The red maple is aesthetically pleasing and yet more subtle than other trees in our collection. Despite the name, you can have your red maple in any color you like. Red Maple frame top right Red Maple frame right Red Maple frame bottom left Red Maple frame bottom Red Maple frame bottom right
53in. x 28in. 
Circle Tree. The circle tree is whimsical, abstract, and plenty of fun for those with a taste for the untraditional! This tree is great for children's spaces or anywhere needing a modern outdoor feel. Circle Tree frame top right Circle Tree frame right Circle Tree frame bottom left Circle Tree frame bottom Circle Tree frame bottom right
40in. x 25in. 
Leaf Tree. The leaf tree is a very unique design that will offer a different natural aesthetic. Enjoy the leaf tree in your kitchen, office, or sunroom. Leaf Tree frame top right Leaf Tree frame right Leaf Tree frame bottom left Leaf Tree frame bottom Leaf Tree frame bottom right
30in. x 15in. 
Oak Tree. This design is a bit darker than the rest of the trees in our collection, but still very appeasing! This decal would be great for holiday themes, such as Halloween. Oak Tree frame top right Oak Tree frame right Oak Tree frame bottom left Oak Tree frame bottom Oak Tree frame bottom right
40in. x 28in. 
Triangle Tree. The triangle tree is another addition to our abstract tree collection. Enjoy this botanical absurdity anywhere in your home, especially for a modern, artistic look! Triangle Tree frame top right Triangle Tree frame right Triangle Tree frame bottom left Triangle Tree frame bottom Triangle Tree frame bottom right
40in. x 25in. 
Square Tree. Don't be so square! Go against the natural and try something different, like the square tree. This abstract tree will look great anywhere in your home, for that modern and artistic vibe. Square Tree frame top right Square Tree frame right Square Tree frame bottom left Square Tree frame bottom Square Tree frame bottom right
40in. x 25in. 
Gnarly Trees. For those who like the darker, more ominous forest, the 3 Gnarly Trees are perfect for you! Escape into your own wooded sanctuary, whether it's in your living room, bedroom, or study. Gnarly Trees frame top right Gnarly Trees frame right Gnarly Trees frame bottom left Gnarly Trees frame bottom Gnarly Trees frame bottom right
Winter Trees. These 4 leafless trees are sure to stick out! Their bare branches will give you chills just thinking about winter. For those who love the cold, these trees are for you! Winter Trees frame top right Winter Trees frame right Winter Trees frame bottom left Winter Trees frame bottom Winter Trees frame bottom right
Sleepy Tree. The sleepy tree makes for an abstract but soothing piece for any bedroom, den, or place of relaxation. This modern design will certainly catch eyes and inspire dreams. Sleepy Tree frame top right Sleepy Tree frame right Sleepy Tree frame bottom left Sleepy Tree frame bottom Sleepy Tree frame bottom right
64.7in. x 56in. 
Tree-o Performance. This fantastical set of trees will bring a modern touch to any room in your house. Enjoy them in dens, living rooms, bedrooms, and other areas needing in interest. Tree-o Performance frame top right Tree-o Performance frame right Tree-o Performance frame bottom left Tree-o Performance frame bottom Tree-o Performance frame bottom right
60in. x 53in. 
Wishing Tree. Every home needs a magical Wishing Tree to remind us that wishes can come true! Wishing Tree frame top right Wishing Tree frame right Wishing Tree frame bottom left Wishing Tree frame bottom Wishing Tree frame bottom right
55in. x 53in. 
New Bloom. This decal has a magical feel with its' crescent moon blooms and is sure to add a mystical element to any room! New Bloom frame top right New Bloom frame right New Bloom frame bottom left New Bloom frame bottom New Bloom frame bottom right
64in. x 74in. 
Rock-A-Bye Trees. With simple lines and gentle curves to set the tone, these trees bring a sweet calm wherever they are placed. This design is a great compliment to organic d├ęcor, a new baby's room, or any place where a little tranquility is needed. Rock-A-Bye Trees frame top right Rock-A-Bye Trees frame right Rock-A-Bye Trees frame bottom left Rock-A-Bye Trees frame bottom Rock-A-Bye Trees frame bottom right
53in. x 95in. 
Single Rock-A-Bye Tree. Soothing like a lullaby, you can almost picture this Rock-A-Bye Tree swaying in the wind lulling you into a calm happy sleep! Single Rock-A-Bye Tree frame top right Single Rock-A-Bye Tree frame right Single Rock-A-Bye Tree frame bottom left Single Rock-A-Bye Tree frame bottom Single Rock-A-Bye Tree frame bottom right
38in. x 28in. 
King's Wood. Bring the rugged and sturdy trees of these woods home. Tall vertical lines and minimal branches create a strong, bold composition. But beware, you may find yourself daydreaming more than usual... King's Wood frame top right King's Wood frame right King's Wood frame bottom left King's Wood frame bottom King's Wood frame bottom right
100in. x 66in.