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Sea Oats. You don't need to live by the sea to enjoy these beautiful Sea Oats, just the sight of them will take you back to that beach vacation. Their elegant design is a compliment to any motif. Sea Oats frame top right Sea Oats frame right Sea Oats frame bottom left Sea Oats frame bottom Sea Oats frame bottom right
58in. x 27in. 
Dandelions, Large. Remember those days of picking dandelions and blowing them away with a wish? Now you can enjoy them in your home with these 2 large dandelions. Dandelions, Large frame top right Dandelions, Large frame right Dandelions, Large frame bottom left Dandelions, Large frame bottom Dandelions, Large frame bottom right
Dandelions, Medium. Make a wish and blow! These 2 dandelion decals are great for bringing some motion to your walls. Everyone's favorite dandelion can now be a decoration for your home, sized up a little bit! Dandelions, Medium frame top right Dandelions, Medium frame right Dandelions, Medium frame bottom left Dandelions, Medium frame bottom Dandelions, Medium frame bottom right
Grass Base Board. Who doesn't enjoy cool grass under bare feet on a sunny day? Bring some color to your base boards and imagine the feel of cool, green, grassy indoors. This floor border is great for kids rooms and is a perfect compliment to any of the animal decals! Grass Base Board frame top right Grass Base Board frame right Grass Base Board frame bottom left Grass Base Board frame bottom Grass Base Board frame bottom right
14in. x 96in. 
Cattails. Add the beauty of the wetlands to any room in your home with Typha latifolia, otherwise known by it's common name: Cattails! Cattails frame top right Cattails frame right Cattails frame bottom left Cattails frame bottom Cattails frame bottom right
36in. x 27in.