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  • Brooke Streicher  (Biddeford, Maine)   Jul 2, 2012
    Everything was great! Lots of help with questions and special requests. It would be nice if you had a \"visualizer\" - like some of the sites that sell hanging art - that is a background of a room with typical furniture where you can \"try on\" different decals on the wall to see the color and better judge the scale before ordering. If not that, then at least have the decal in the picture change color, depending on the color selected - or a central \"color\" page that shows one decal in every color to compare. It\'s really hard to pinpoint the color from the swatches, and it can be critical to making sure a decal will blend with the space.

Party Molecule, 1 Large - $99.99

Molecule Color


Molecule Type: Beer, Red Wine, Gin & Tonic, Nicotine, Caffeine, OR Ibuprofen
    Min Length = 1 Character
Max Length = 12 Character




Pick 1 of 6 Party Molecules which include: Beer, Red Wine, Gin and Tonic, Nicotine, Caffeine, or for the next morning, Ibuprofen. Perfect for a game room.

You will receive 1 large molecule in your color choice.


Beer (54in. x 60in.) or
Red Wine (78in. x 86in.) or
Gin and Tonic (55in. x 96in.) or
Nicotine (45in. x 57in.) or
Caffeine (60in. x 69in.) or
Ibuprofen (55in. x 88in.)

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