Help:  Installation
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Getting Started
Be sure to have your masking tape, scissors, squeegee (provided), a damp cloth, and a level/ruler if alignment is necessary. For larger pieces we recommend grabbing a friend to help you apply your design. Your design will come in three layers. The front layer is the TRANSFER TAPE that keeps the design together. The middle layer is the vinyl design. The back layer is the BASE PAPER.

Step 1. Clean
Once you have decided the perfect location for your design, it is necessary to clean the surface with a damp cloth to remove any dust or grease which may cause the vinyl not to properly adhere. It is not suggested to apply vinyl to newly painted walls; a 2-week wait is recommended.

Step 2. Position & Tape
Without removing the BASE PAPER, use your masking tape to position each element in its desired location by running the tape along the TOP of the decal; the BASE PAPER should now be against the wall.

HINT: For large designs it may be necessary to cut the design into easier to handle sections. Make sure you cut in between the different elements and not the vinyl itself.

Step 3. Peel Off Back
Once you are satisfied with the placement of your design, flip the decal up as shown in the picture. Starting closest to the masking tape. Slowly peel the BASE PAPER away from the TRANSFER TAPE. The vinyl decal should still adhere to the TRANSFER TAPE.

HINT: Sometimes just peeling down the BASE PAPER from the top as you apply keeps the TRANSFER TAPE more rigid and easier to work with. That allows you to remove the BASE PAPER slowly as you apply your DESIGN in the next step.

Step 4. Squeegee
Lower your vinyl decal, holding it taut in one hand. Begin using the provided squeegee tool with the free hand in a sweeping motion starting from the center of the design to adhere the design to the wall. Repeat this process until the TRANSFER PAPER has been completely squeegeed, and all air bubbles have been removed.

Step 5. Peel Off Front
Make sure that the design is secure by going over the whole design once more with the squeegee, and carefully remove the TRANSFER TAPE by pulling in a downward motion. If part of the decal comes up, press it back down and continue until completely removed.