Will It Stick?

Many times, we’ll have customers ask if vinyl decals will stick to particular surfaces.  People have some great ideas as to where to put wall art, such as kitchen refrigerators, textured walls, bath tubs, and shower stalls.  So, just how versatile is vinyl?

The vinyl we use is a soft PVC-Based film (Polyvinyl Chloride).  It is manufactured with an adhesive, called Polyacrylate Dispersion, which is meant to be removable without residue for up to two years.  This removable adhesive makes it very easy to re-decorate when you’re no longer into…well whatever you’re into.  Tastes change! But even better, if you decide to move out of a tenant type of situation, you won’t have a landlord chasing you down for painting your walls and breaking the rules J.

So, we know that vinyl is great for a number of reasons.  But the question remains, what kinds of places or surfaces will it stick to? Wall vinyl is specifically made for interiors, specifically painted drywall.  Basically, the first layer of primer bonds to the wall.  The next layer of paint will bond to the primer, then the vinyl to the paint.  Application and removal are easiest when walls are painted with a good quality primer and paint.  At the very least, wait 2 or 3 weeks after painting to stick the vinyl.  If the paint and primer quality are poor, then the vinyl is likely to pull up paint, drywall, wall paper, etc.

If you do a little research and look up the Oracal product specs on their website, you’ll find that this particular vinyl has been tested under various elements.  These include outdoor elements, sea water, and heat.  The vinyl proved to adhere to aluminum and steel for certain lengths of time under conditions of heat and seawater.

Vinyl performance will vary, depending on your environment, wall or paint conditions, and the location of installation.  We have had customers try our decals in many different places with great success.  So far, we know that stainless-steel refrigerators can work, as well as certain types of wall paper, a few kinds of wood, sometimes tile, and plastic bath/shower stalls.  Textured walls will hold vinyl, but we wouldn’t recommend trying it on heavily textured walls or on surfaces that are often dusty or crumbly. In areas of moisture and temperature changes (especially bathrooms), the vinyl is likely to be affected by expansion, shrinkage, and the moisture itself.  So, the vinyl is probably not going to last as long in your bathroom as it would in a living room or bedroom.  It is possible though and has been done!

We haven’t tested all of the options and surfaces out there.  Sticking to the specs, we can tell you that this vinyl is meant for short and medium-term indoor/outdoor application.  It is intended to last for 2 years and up to 3 without leaving residue on the walls upon removal.  When installing, follow all of the directions carefully and make sure that your surface is very clean!  Adhesion is most successful on smooth, clean surfaces.  Want to try it on something other than your walls but not sure?  Shoot us an email and we will give you our best advice.  We always love to hear your thoughts and ideas, but we also love to see pictures and hear success stories!  Let us know how versatile vinyl is for you.


  1. Angela morrow     October 4, 2012  1:57 pm

    Will vinyl stick to tinted wall primer? Or even an eggshell finish? Lol, we prime red our walls and love the color so much that we want to leave it that way. Any help is appreciated. Thank you

  2. Jerry     July 15, 2013  8:25 pm

    I have a vinal sticker I would like to stick to a painted surface. It is actually for a beanbag toss game that will receive a lot of wear and tear. I plan to stick them on the board and spray a sealant over it. Will it stay or should I use another adhesive to insure it sticking.

  3. Levi Jones     October 7, 2013  2:58 pm

    Will it stick to another vinyl surface or smooth leather.

  4. makaela     April 8, 2014  12:52 pm

    I was wondering if it would stick to a metal building and withstand the weather outdoors?! It wouldn’t on a covered patio but would be in the heat and cold.

  5. Archie     August 10, 2014  3:32 pm

    can I use vinyl to stick wall paper?

  6. Clare     April 29, 2015  10:48 am

    Hi. I’ve got a life size wall sticker and want to know if it would stick to clear Perspex so that it can in effect be a moveable picture when I move house? I don’t want to mount it on glass or mirror as too easy to crack or break. Please advise. Regards Clare.

  7. Montana     November 2, 2015  3:01 pm

    Is there any vinyl that I can get to stick to leather? It’s for a bull riding vest.

  8. Scott Ziebell     January 27, 2016  7:08 pm

    Hello, Will a vinyl sticker stick to an Aluminum RV. I am using it for business purposes and want to advertise. I do not want a permanent sticker, but something that can be removed if needed before the 3 years. Thanks

  9. JENNIFER SUMMERS     June 28, 2016  1:54 pm

    Will it stick to tile

  10. Ahamed Raja     December 22, 2016  11:38 am

    Pl. Advice whether it would stick on distemper walla

  11. Diane Pike     February 12, 2017  10:17 pm

    Can I apply vinyl letters to the interior vinyl walls of our boat?

  12. Elizabeth Johnson     July 12, 2017  2:09 pm

    Will they stick to a painted milk can for indoor use

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